SS BNSF ES44AC Raised Letter K5HL

This is my new Improved K5HL I worked very hard on this horn it took me 2 hours to complete so enjoy it


You can use any loco but i highly recommed you use the BNSF ES44DC or CSX ES44AC or NS ES44AC or the UP ES44AC

Installation Instructions

Make a Searchlight Simulations folder and make a folder in the Searchlight Simulations folder called NathanAirChimeK-series and place the horn file into the NathanAirChimeK-series folder and copy the name of the engine you want to install this horn on (just the name not the Proxyxml part) make a copy of the Horn Proxyxml because if you don't do this then you will have to another Proxyxml from a different horn then it will be a mess for you

Tags: 182 1950 1960 1972 1972-stock 1990s


Nathan Rasied Letter K5HL.7z 139 MB · Added 11 Nov 2021 · Downloaded 316×


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Brandon 24 Nov 2021

this is literally earrape

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yep it is brandon have you gotten your youtube channel back yet?

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Brandon 26 Nov 2021

I never lost it

Avatar of Deleted User 9da07edfde98f432

how are you gonna recover it from your school email tho bro

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Brandon 26 Nov 2021

what are you even talking

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UnlimitedRail 24 Mar 2024

What was lil bro yapping about

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11 Nov 2021
11 Nov 2021
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