SS CSX 991 K5H

This is the most realistic K5H i have ever made thanks to my friend miki and his videos this is now the best K5H ever

Installation Instructions

Make a Searchlight Simulations folder and make a folder in the Searchlight Simulations folder called NathanAirChimeK-series and place the horn file into the NathanAirChimeK-series folder and copy the name of the engine you want to install this horn on (just the name not the Proxyxml part) make a copy of the Horn Proxyxml because if you don't do this then you will have to another Proxyxml from a different horn then it will be a mess for you

Tags: 1990s


CSX 991's K5H.7z 24 MB · Added 15 Nov 2021 · Downloaded 166×


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Traindriver212 25 Nov 2021

It's kinda the same file no sound change

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i know dan

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15 Nov 2021
15 Nov 2021
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