Norfolk Southern New Cast Nathan P5

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This horn is off of a Norfolk Southern GE C40-8 locomotive, the bell is from an unknown unit!


No requirements needed!

Installation Instructions

Copy the "P5_HornControl" proxyxml file, and rename to any locomotive horn sound proxyxml. (ex: "Dash9 Horn"). If your locomotive is Searchlight Simulations compatible, open the locomotive horn sound .bin file with TS_tools or anything else and rename (ex: MLWAudio/GE-FDL16/FDL16/Horn-Bell/K3LA_HornControl) and change it to SearchlightSimulations/NathanAirchimeK-series/NS_P5/P5_HornControl.

Run TS Classic too see if the horn is working properly!

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Avatar of Mikiwikistown
Mikiwikistown 16 Jul 2022

Hello Good Afternoon! How are you? Your P5 caught my attention. But what caught my attention the most was the echo. You made a very excellent echo! and I mean it. I was wondering what type of option you used to make such an excellent echo?

Avatar of Mikiwikistown
Mikiwikistown 16 Jul 2022

and of course you made a very great work on the loop and start actually! very good P5 actually very great work!

Avatar of ISS
ISS 17 Jul 2022

hey whats up, i just used the reverb affect, settings i recommend are "room size 75%" and "reverbance 100%" leave all the other settings as default

Avatar of Mikiwikistown
Mikiwikistown 17 Jul 2022

Alright bro! Thank you so very much bro actually!

Avatar of Justin.
Justin. 17 Jul 2022

This has got to be the BEST P5 I have ever heard. the sound, the echo, and just everything, fantastic work!

Avatar of ISS
ISS 17 Jul 2022

thank you, much appreciated!

Avatar of CascadeRail
CascadeRail 17 Jul 2022

Holy freaking moly, it's perfect. Now if only we could get more of these in the Pacific Northwest lol

Avatar of ISS
ISS 17 Jul 2022

thank you!

Avatar of IC 9612
IC 9612 18 Jul 2022

BEST P5!!!! I'm Using this with my IC!!!

Avatar of ISS
ISS 18 Jul 2022

thank you so much

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