Coaster 2301's Horn

An E bell was added in this mod

also, I have this problem where the horn loops then it starts over again and again after 3 seconds of looping. soon as I learn how to fix it I will update this mod


Train Simulator: San Diego Commuter Rail F59PHI Loco Add-On on Steam

Built by General Motors Electro-Motive Division, the F59PHI is most commonly used on passenger trains throughout North America. Most significantly, it was also the first train to meet California’s strict emission standards, a feature that has seen its use across North America.


Coaster_2301's K5LA.rar 1 MB · Added 4 Oct 2022 · Downloaded 270×


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aiden0928 4 Oct 2022

sounds like JDTS

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Metrolink860 4 Oct 2022


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Aces's TS mods 5 Oct 2022


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LABasinRails TS 4 Dec 2022

Why does this require the Metrolink F59PH and not the San Diego Commuter?

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