SS K5LLAR1L Norfolk Southern

Norfolk Southern SS K5LLAR1L from NS SD60M 6772
This horn will appeal to those who love the sounds of rough horns that break through goosebumps.
As I have already pointed out, this horn was recorded with NS SD60M No. 6772, but this horn is perfect for brutal NS locomotives like SD70M-2/ACe, SD80MAC and etc.
The "beta version" of my horn has a few other K5LLA_1_ sounds, so if you like my horn but want a slightly different doppler sound, email me and I'll post it.
This is my first horn, so rate ;))

How to install
Unzip the contents of the archive along the path: Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks\Assets
Copy the file K5LLAR1L.proxyxml and paste it into the directory of the locomotive you need.
For example:
SD70M-2: Assets\RSC\SD70Pack02\ Audio\RailVehicles\Diesel\SD70ACe\Cab , then replace SD70 Horn.proxyxml with K5LLAR1L.proxyxml , renaming K5LLAR1L.proxyxml to SD70 Horn.proxyxml

Tags: horn k5lla sd60m sd70ace sd70m-2 searchlight-simulations

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DeFlorio 3 Dec 2022

Im sorry, name folders in proxyxml has been fixed, and horn work now. You will be able to download the now working horn as soon as the site moderation confirms my file change*

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2 Dec 2022
2 Dec 2022
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