SS Sick Narrow Font K3LA (Dead 4a) For the BNSF Warbonnet C44-9W

Yep i know youre gonna have a lot of questions why im keep uploading horns because i wanna start the 2023 Good!! And want to say you all guys that Have a Happe new year everyone god bless you so very much everyone and thank you so very much for supporting this all time i appreciate so very much with my heart!!!

Installation Instructions

Now it is easier to install the Horn in my folder you will find a folder called SearchlightSimulations you are going to paste it inside the Assets folder you have to go like this Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks\Assets\ and then you open my folder and then you extract the folder called SearchlightSimulations you extract it in Assets Now for change the horn is easy and for example you put Dash9 Horn In the Folder calls BNSF_Sick_NF_K3LA You heve a proxyml and on that proxyml you put Dash9 Horn you need to change the name then once you have changed the name you copy the proxyml and then you go here is an example Assets\RSC\Dash9Pack01\Audio\RailVehicles\Diesel\Dash9\Cab and then paste the proxyml and it should work Have a very Good Day!

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Ceeee 30 Jul 2023

would yoy ever consider creating horns for

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Mikiwikistown 30 Jul 2023


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Ceeee 31 Jul 2023

People can send you sounds and you create the horn from them and they could pay you

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Mikiwikistown 31 Jul 2023

Yeah i actually was thinking about that bro but not right now soon i will have a page with a friend calls NJT 6050.

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