SS Sharp Raised Letter K5LLA For NS SD70ACE

This is a Return Gift for the Whole Train Sim Commuity Website and ill be uploading here all of my horns for you guys and if theres any negativaty towards me i will just ignore you and youre hateful comments because some of you like to put others down anyone who puts people down to make them happy are mean and rude and disrepectful and if you wre apart of harrassing my friend simon L davison then dont come to my mods and dont touch or download my stuff because i dont want people who are rude and disrepectful downloading my mods and then turning thier selfs around saying im sorry and all that no everyone treat people the way you want to be treated

Installation Instructions

Make a Searchlight Simulations folder and make a folder in the Searchlight Simulations folder called NathanAirChimeK-series and place the horn file into the NathanAirChimeK-series folder and copy the name of the engine you want to install this horn on (just the name not the Proxyxml part) make a copy of the Horn Proxyxml because if you don't do this then you will have to another Proxyxml from a different horn then it will be a mess for you

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NS SD70ACE 1007 Sharp Raised Letter K5LLA.7z 128 MB · Added 2 Jan 2023 · Downloaded 203×


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Capt. Hedgehog 3 Jan 2023

glad to see you back! i really was sad when you said you and Simon were quitting.

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thanks man i just dont like people being negative

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Capt. Hedgehog 6 Jan 2023

I understand the feeling. That’s why you haven’t seen much content from me in over a year. I don’t like the negative vibes people give off especially a few people in the discord server for this community. The negativity is why I stepped away after making my last mod

Avatar of [Abandoned] Simon L. Davidson And Friends(And Csx Trains Too!) Simulations

@Capt. Hedgehog That was the main reason why i quitted uploading stuff to this community,Their attitude is quite full of negativity and they continuously kept bugging me on doing stuff i didn't want to do plus they would talk nasty stuff about some users like me on their discord server which was the reason why i left. I don't get what's up with the community negative attitude,someone must've made their days rough every single day like geez man,did they have to give off such a nasty attitude on some train sim modders?

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2 Jan 2023
2 Jan 2023
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