Tri Rail 507 K5LA

This mod provides the accurate K5LA of Tri Rail 507 to Train Simulator. There are two separate files here: one for the F40PHL cab car and one for the F59PH cab car.


Train Simulator: Miami Commuter Rail F40PHL-2 Loco Add-On
Train Simulator: Los Angeles Commuter Rail F59PH Loco Add-On

Installation Instructions

  1. Select the DLC you would like to add this horn to (F40PHL or F59PH).
  2. Drag the assets folder in the chosen folder to you Railworks directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks).
  3. Select OK if asked to replace any files.
  4. Enjoy! Thank you for downloading.


TRCX 507 16 MB · Added 1 Feb 2023 · Downloaded 146×


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