CSX 6220's Round Tag K5LA

You will need a K5LA from someone else to use this mod

Hello! this is my first mod on TSC! all you have to do is copy the WAV files into someone elses K5LA that has a PROXYXML

For example, rename the files to what the persons WAV's names are, then do this, copy all three files from the folder and paste them into that persons horn

(Program Files X86, Steam, Steam Apps, Commom, Railworks, Searchlight Simulations, NathanAirchimeK-Series, The persons horn)

this is my first ever mod so please dont flood me with bad comments


Train Simulator: GP40-2 Loco Pack Add-On on Steam

The Electro-Motive GP40-2 has been a versatile workhorse of American railroading for more than four decades – and now the classic second-generation diesel locomotive comes to Train Simulator in the authentic liveries of five famed U. S. railroads!


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