BNSF Narrow Font Nathan K5LLA

  • by ISS
  • Downloaded 47 times

Was recorded off of BNSF SD70ACe 8411


Tags: bnsf k5lla sd70ace


NF BNSF K5LLA.7z 14 MB · Added 19 Jun 2024 · Downloaded 47×


Avatar of UnlimitedRail
UnlimitedRail 21 days ago

Hey, I have a project coming up, can i use your Raised Letter K5HLL and your Narrow Font K5HL for the enhancment pack? (creds will all go to you)

Avatar of ISS
ISS 20 days ago

hey just saw this, im actually making a different project and its using the K5HLL i made, so nah man im sorry about that

Avatar of UnlimitedRail
UnlimitedRail 20 days ago

Ah okay, all good dude have a good rest of your day! :D

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