Train Simulator Classic Reppo Amtrak GE E60 SS P01235 + Bell + Flares

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Replacement P01235 + Bell + Headlight Flares with accuracy towards the Amtrak units.
Bell sounds are off Amtrak E60 #603 and the Horn sounds are off an Old Cast Nathan Airchime P01235, which the E60s exhibited with their service on Amtrak.


Credit for the P01235:

BigboreK5LA /

Credit for Bell:

Strasburg Railfaner611 /

Credit for Flares:

Searchlight Simulations /

These sounds were complied, mixed, and made for TSC by cheddabob (me).
Flares are by Searchlight Simulations, all credit goes to them.


TS-Tools or 7zip or WinRAR:


GE GEVO-12 | Searchlight Store
GE GEVO-12 | Searchlight Store
Searchlight Store

For the headlight flares.

Train Simulator: E60 Electric Locomotive Add-On on Steam

The massive and powerful General Electric E60 electric, born during the formative years of Amtrak and employed also by NJ TRANSIT, now comes to Train Simulator Classic through the superb creativity of developer Reppo!

Installation Instructions

Unpack E60CPAssets.ap with TS_tools or 7zip located via RailWorks\Assets\Reppo\E60CP

Navigate to the Reppo E60 folder and make a backup of the "Horn" and "Lights" folders in case something goes wrong.

Drag and drop the "Assets" folder into your main Railworks Directory and that is all!

If you run into any problems message me on TSC.


Additional Comments

Note: These sounds DO NOT work currently with the Window Oclussion the E60CP has because of PROXYXML issues, meaning if you sound the horn or bell and open the window they will not be affected like the original sounds. If someone knows how to fix this, please let me know!

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Avatar of NJT6050
NJT6050 31 Dec 2022

i can help with a better Horn and bell if you want

Avatar of cheddabob
cheddabob 1 Jan 2023

Message me on Discord, 𝖘𝖍𝖊𝖑𝖇𝖞#5852

Avatar of Nitrous_Sky
Nitrous_Sky 14 Jan 2023

I hope someone makes a Phase IV reskin for these amfleets, a definite upgrade compared to RSC/DTG amfleets

Avatar of AceTrain3106
AceTrain3106 20 Jan 2023

Oh you want that? i can do that!

Avatar of Ernie
Ernie 17 Apr 2023


Avatar of Boomaglev
Boomaglev 17 Dec 2023

ace bro please do not.

Avatar of threepea51
threepea51 14 May 2023

could you make the horn quillable if that is possible?

Avatar of Amtrak MARC CSX
Amtrak MARC CSX 9 Jun 2023


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