[DRT]BN 603


In the 1980’s, Burlington Northern’s Hi-Line Subdivision had one westbound local train across the entire subdivision; that train was symbol 603. You will cross the entirety of the Hi-Line, from Havre all the way to Whitefish in this five part scenario set in 1986.


Please check the manual to see which dlc are required for each part of the scenario pack, here is every dlc required for the entire set of scenarios:
Montana Hi-Line
BNSF Locomotive pack
Marias Pass
Soldier Summit
US Loco and Asset Pack
Additionally a large number of freeware reskins and rolling stock are required, please check the manual

Installation Instructions

Installation instructions: Drag the “content” folder into your railworks directory

Tags: bn burlington-northern gp38-2 hi-line marias-pass


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