SS Narrow Font K5HLB 2 Piece 1L For the BNSF ES44AC


Enjoy this K5HLB!


you will need a mod from someone else to be able to put the Horn

Installation Instructions

in this mod you will not find a notepad but I will explain what you have to do if you have any sound from another person or have a folder of sounds created for another person the only thing you have to do is just copy my sounds and then paste them to the folder where that person has created an example Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ RailWorks \ Assets \ SearchlightSimulations \ NathanAirChimeK-series \ K5LLA_UP # 1988 \ you only go to the last folder that says and you only copy my sounds and paste them.


SS Narrow Font K5HLB 2 Piece 1L BNSF ES44AC.7z 45 MB · Downloaded 37×


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Nice K5hlb!What About The Raised Letter Version?

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Mikiwikistown 11 days ago

Thank you very Much Bro! I Appreciate So Much bro! the Raised Letter is a little bit difficult to do

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hm how is the raised letter k5hlb difficult to make miki?

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