Amtrak Viewliner II Baggage

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This is the first version of my Viewliner cars, it will just include the baggages for now.

it feature brakes indicators light and marker light thanks to the help of Martin Ashwill with script.

more about these cars is included in the read me.


for now ine feature is fully compatible only with the TruRail Simulations P42DC Enchantment pack.

Installation Instructions

To install you need to unzip the “” file and copy the Asset folder, and it’s content, into your Railworks/Train Simulator folder, generally at “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks”

To enable it in game, you have to enable the product “Viewliner II” under the provider “Ragno” on the scenario editor.

Additional Comments

a special thank you goes to Matt Jauchler for the help with textures and materials and to Martin Ashwill for the help with light scripting.

To contact me, you can DM me on Dircord at Ragno#4388 or via the email mentioned in the .pdf readme.

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Avatar of Brandon Railfan
Brandon Railfan one month ago


Avatar of TSWGAMER
TSWGAMER one month ago

Dead serious I LOVE IT

Avatar of Amtrak P40DC 838
Amtrak P40DC 838 one month ago


Avatar of StevenJam
StevenJam one month ago

Absolutly great model! Glad to finally be able to create a modern Amtrak consist :)

Avatar of TSWGAMER
TSWGAMER one month ago

Oh quick question: Do you know how to apply the marker lights at the back of the train, because I use the TRS and the marker lights in the back don't light up any ideas?

Avatar of Mattia F. / Ragno
Mattia F. / Ragno one month ago

that on the Viewliner? or on the Superliners/P42?

Avatar of TSWGAMER
TSWGAMER one month ago

For all the stock

Avatar of Mattia F. / Ragno
Mattia F. / Ragno one month ago

for the P42 and others I have no clue, while for viewliners, I can tell you for sure that is automatic if is on the end of an at least two cars consist.

Avatar of TSWGAMER
TSWGAMER one month ago

ah ok

Avatar of TSWGAMER
TSWGAMER one month ago

Actually I just need the superliners

Avatar of Jared
Jared one month ago

You can't apply the rear marker lights with TRS' P42.

Avatar of MC513's TS Mods
MC513's TS Mods one month ago


Avatar of Jake
Jake one month ago

absolutely beautiful!

Avatar of Gulfcoast_aviation™
Gulfcoast_aviation™ one month ago

Absolutely fantastic work, exterior and interior!!! Can't wait to see the other ones!!

Avatar of Ace Clover
Ace Clover one month ago

Is it supposed to make absolutely zero noise when moving?

Avatar of Mattia F. / Ragno
Mattia F. / Ragno one month ago

Only for now, yes.

Avatar of Simon L. Davidson And Friends(And Csx Trains Too!)

Do You Have Any Plans For Making Some Amtrak Amfleets Or More Models?

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