Railroads Crossings Pack

Enjoy this Railroad Crossings Sounds! You have New Sounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Installation Instructions

Im going to put a example for you to understand how to put my Railroad Crossings Sounds Example:Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks\Assets\RSC\ShermanHill\ShermanHillAssets.ap\Audio\Ambient\US\Point\ You need to go to the Point and you need to find a notepad Calls Amb_P_US_LevelCrossing.proxyml you need to enter to that notepad and you need change the name on the First row is calls Amb_P_US_LevelCrossing For example in my pack i have a sound call RR_Bell_10 You need to change Amb_P_US_LevelCrossing and you need to putted RR_Bell_10 is just a example and thats it! Have a Very Beautiful and Nice Day Everyone!


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KodaChrome 9208 29 Dec 2021

Does not save the proxyfile

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