BN Tiger Stripe SD40


Tiger Stripe BN reskin, used actual photos of BN 8002 to make this come out as realistic as possible.


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If you are playing on an AMD machine and the textures look corrupted,

Follow this link and read the instructions for the Vulcan patch

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RF_CRR_SD40;Tiger Stripe BN.tsw2liv 152 KB · Downloaded 34×


Avatar of Bnsf Man
Bnsf Man one month ago

hey can you make a series of UNION pacific sd40s is ac44s plz

Avatar of AndrewBeeman
AndrewBeeman 21 days ago

Yeah I can take some time and do them, I havent messed with the AC4400 too much yet because they have auto running numbers, and I like having a static number I can base my model off of but I will take some time to do some UP stuff as I have wanted to do a few myself, so just stay tuned into my profile I imagine I can have at least an SD40 done in a few weeks

Avatar of AndrewBeeman
AndrewBeeman 20 days ago

This is what I can come up with with what the editor gives me for text options, how does it look?

Avatar of AndrewBeeman
AndrewBeeman 20 days ago

Based off of this unit

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