Norfolk Southern SD70ACe (5 Loco Pack)

This is a collection of five SD70ACe locomotives in Norfolk Southern livery using the SD70ACe model from the Sherman Hill Add-on. They are all slightly different from each other and all have some light weathering. All the logos, the lettering and the numbering have been created using shapes rather than using the standard text within the Livery Designer so as to be as near to the real world logos and fonts as possible.

The locomotives modelled are as follows.....

NS #1000
NS #1001
NS #1078
NS #1084
NS #1111 (The Barcode Loco).

*Please ask permission before editing and re-using these liveries and once done if reshared on here please include me in the collaboartions section. If shared elsewhere please ask permission and make credit to my work.


Sherman Hill Add-on
TSW2 Livery Manager

Installation Instructions

Install the livery files using the TSW2 Livery Manager add-on

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RF_SMH_UP_SD70ACe;SD70ACe NS 1000.tsw2liv 294 KB · Downloaded 204×
RF_SMH_UP_SD70ACe;SD70ACe NS 1001.tsw2liv 285 KB · Downloaded 196×
RF_SMH_UP_SD70ACe;SD70ACe NS 1078.tsw2liv 293 KB · Downloaded 202×
RF_SMH_UP_SD70ACe;SD70ACe NS 1084.tsw2liv 287 KB · Downloaded 199×
RF_SMH_UP_SD70ACe;SD70ACe NS 1111.tsw2liv 272 KB · Downloaded 197×


Avatar of AlphaSquad18288
AlphaSquad18288 5 months ago

WOW! Make a HU!

Avatar of WaveyDavey
WaveyDavey 5 months ago

Thanks..... I am thinking about doing one or two HUs but can't say for sure yet. If time permits i may release one or two in the coming weeks.

Avatar of WaveyDavey
WaveyDavey 4 months ago

I've now uploaded three of the SD70 heritage units.... Virginian RR, Penn Central RR and Erie RR.

Avatar of JustWentSouth
JustWentSouth 5 months ago

Spectacular! Thanks

Avatar of WaveyDavey
WaveyDavey 5 months ago

Thanks. Hope you enjoy using them.

Avatar of Chief_Engineer
Chief_Engineer 4 months ago

This is great! Would you please make a C40-8W in UP livery?

Avatar of WaveyDavey
WaveyDavey 4 months ago

I've not got any plans to do a UP version at the moment but you never know I may do in the future.

Avatar of AlphaSquad18288
AlphaSquad18288 2 months ago

now that unit, thats OLD,

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