China CR NeiDian ND5 Patch I 'Railway Museum' 0049 (CRR SD40 Livery)


ND5 are the 4000hp GE Dash7 Series's C36-7's adjust version to suit the environment in China Railway. This one is the Patch I 0049 in Railway Museum.
China Railway had been developing Diesel Locomotives as the DF(DongFeng, Eastern Wind) series back in 1960s. However the number produced was not enough to cover the huge network and thus CR was still not fully dieselized in 1980s. Not only lack in numbers to fill the gap, DF was also being outdated at this time. Therefore, the DF4 was developed as the 1st of the 2nd Generation Diesel Locos. Yet DF4, same as DF, are not enough to cover the need.
China Railway had been introducing Foreign Engine with a long history. Foreign Diesel mostly coded as ND (NeiRan, Internal combustion engine)(DianChuanDong, Electric Transmission)(NDs are mostly Diesel-Electric Transmission expect NDQ, which is a Coal Gas powered Locomotive). Before ND5, only ND4(from France) and NDQ(from Soviet) was not from Romania.
The introduction of ND5 was a great relief for both CR and GE as one facing an extreme shortage of loco while the other one can't get enough costumer. ND5 was introduced in 2 patch which the 2nd patch, interestingly, was ordered just 20 months later after the 1st patch was signed.
The ND5 is an impressive success to CR, which just used 5 years to gain back the price they paid. ND5's arrival allow the CR focus on improving DF4 which will be the backbone of CR for a long time.


Clinchfield Railroad (CRR) DLC
Raging Lighting's TSW2 Livery Manager

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