RZD EVS2-01 and EVS2-02 "Sapsan"

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ICE3M DB 406 Sapsan RZD original livery

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RF_KAH_DB_ICE3M;Sapsan v.2 EVS2-01.tsw2liv 1 MB · Downloaded 207×
RF_KAH_DB_ICE3M;Sapsan v.2 EVS2-02.tsw2liv 1 MB · Downloaded 206×


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KCRCRailway 5 months ago

To Ded Mozaj,
The system of TSC seems not having the function so I copy-pasted my reply to you for the Spasan(Br403 ver) here
I could not speak Russian, after translation it seems you are not happy with me putting this train in 'European' despite it was not a train in game.
However, if I understand correctly, Velaro is still greatly related to BR403 (407) and I asked Alex on Discord about this and Alex agreed to put this in 'Europe'.
If Alex changed his mind I will move this to Fiction.

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Train Sim World 2
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Rush Hour Steam (UE4 4.26), Train Sim World 2 (UE4 4.23)