Class 377 - Gatwick Express

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Based on Class 387 Gatwick Express red livery. Featuring a custom-made GX logo, made using basic shapes in Livery Editor.

This is the exact same livery as the one that I made for the Class 375. Apparently you can open the .tsw2liv file using Notepad++ and change the entry for the rolling stock directory to Class 377 from East Coastway and have it working in-game and in Livery Editor.


Installation Instructions

Import the .tsw2liv file using TSW2 Livery Manager

Additional Comments

If you can't select any liveries for the Class 377, install this mod 377 Livery Fix.

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RF_ECW_SN_Class377-4;Gatwick Express.tsw2liv 322 KB · Downloaded 309×


Avatar of JustSomeone97
JustSomeone97 6 months ago

Would be useful to not require the Livery Manager

Avatar of RedBandit
RedBandit 4 months ago

Question, how do I transfer liveries? Where do I change the train directory?

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