China CR ShaoShan SS3 'Railway Museum' 0001 (DRA BR 143 Livery)


This is for the Dresden Br 143.
SS3 is one of the 2nd Generation Electric Locomotive of CR, mass production start from 1986. It use Co-Co chassis and has 4320-4800 kw (Limited in 1 Hour), 317.8-470 kN (When Starting) and Max Speed of 100kph. Part of SS3's technology came from the Alstom 6G locomotive. SS3 can work with other SS3, 2 of them is enough to handle the DaQin Railway's 10000 tons coal trains. SS3's production stopped in 2006, the last main user, CR ChengDu Group, has less than 269 of SS3 in service.
This is one of the surivor, 0001, which stoppede service from 2012 and was preserved in the China Railway Museum.


Nahverkehr Dresden (DRA) DLC
Raging Lighting's TSW2 Livery Manager


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