KCR Schöma CFL-200DCL Shunter (Class 08 Livery)

The KCR Schöma is the only small Shunter in KCR's East Rail as the larger EMD Diesel Locos can handle both Lo Wu Yard and the Hung Hom Yard located at the north and the south of the route. The Schöma was used on the Fo Tan Ho Tung Lau Depot where mostly store EMU and require a smaller loco for shunting. The MTR (before merge) hold a number of similar vehicles.
There is no picture of this loco in KCR livery, therefore I take reference with the current MTR form and the KCR's West Rail JMY Shunter. The JMY is much faster than the Schöma, making it unsuitable for the Class 08.

(This shunter handling the KTT's KinKi Double Decker, with max speed 44kph).

(The JMY handling some wagon for maintainece)


Tees Valley Line (TVL) DLC OR
Northern Trans-Pennine Heavy Freight Pack (NTP-HFP) DLC OR
Diesel Legends of the Great Western (GWB) DLC
Raging Lightning's TSW2 Livery Manager

Installation Instructions

See this video:

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