2S08 0645 London Victoria - Dover Priory (2009)

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Hello driver, today you will be taking this pair of Class 375 EMUs, wearing their distinctive 'yellow doors' livery, on a section of their journey to Dover, between Chatham and Faversham. You'll be calling at Gillingham (dep 0747), Rainham (0752½), Newington (0756½), Sittingbourne (0802), Teynham (0806½) and Faversham (arr 0812), where you will be relieved. You may find yourself chasing yellows at the start of your journey as the recent introduction of High Speed 1 'Javelin' service has tightened up the timetable considerably. Keep a sharp eye and as always, good luck! Timings for your train and AI trains have been researched using the December 2019 WTT.


Livery for player train, strongly recommended

Train Sim World 2: Southeastern BR Class 465 EMU Add-On on Steam

Climb aboard the workhorse of London and South East commuting with the iconic “Kent Link Networker”, the BR Class 465/9, which is ready to take power on Train Sim World 2’s Southeastern High Speed route.

Train Sim World 2: Southeastern High Speed: London St Pancras - Faversham Route Add-On on Steam

Experience the unique and exciting blend of classic main line running and thrilling high-speed commuting, aboard state-of-the-art motive power, in London and the Garden of England with Train Sim World 2: Southeastern High Speed.

Installation Instructions

Move the .sav file (USD_75F6B732-4E95-7562-520D-8FB576C45414) to your "\Documents\My Games\TrainSimWorld2\Saved\SaveGames" folder

Additional Comments

  • I have used Bendix (TaskPlays)'s fabulous tutorial on how to edit service start times outside of 5 min chunks for a more immersive experience. Check out the tutorial here.
  • Scenario can be found under "2S08 0645 VIC-DVP (2009)" in Southeastern High Speed > Tools > Scenario Planner
  • As the route is set in more modern times, there are some minor inaccuracies present, such as modern day branding and station design that was not present in 2009. The scenario starts from Chatham instead of Rochester to avoid the appearance of the new Rochester station and increase immersion. I hope you still enjoy the drive!

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