Class 20s Diverted Limestone Westbound


A day of disruption. A DMU failure at Stalybridge followed by a derailment immediately south of Leeds has left southbound trains stranded for the time being.
Take a pair of class 20s and rake of PGA Limestone wagons from Leeds to Stalybridge. Where another driver will take the train on through Guide Bridge.
Due to signalling issues, proceed to Huddersfield with added caution as the pathing might be unusual.


NTP Plus Heavy Freight Pack
TVL Plus Class 20 and 31 Pack
GWE plus FGW enabler
Optional WSR BR reskins
Optional HST BR reskin
Optional Class 20 BR blue reskin
Optional Class 37 Railfreight reskin


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Anderson111RUS 8 months ago

Where is the link to Requirements?

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ROB S 8 months ago

Ok so presuming youre on PC and own TSW2 with NTP TVL WSR and GWE dlc with the added heavy freight pack for ntp, the 31 and 20 pack for tvl.
Mods you will need are
On this website- legacy reskins- br blue wsr 47 (shiiba)
Br blue class 20 (yuri)
BR blue ic HST (shiiba)
Railfreight grey class 37 (shiiba)
Wsr br 47 and mk1 (shiiba)
Trainsimcz website
FGW enabler for GWE

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ROB S 8 months ago

BTW if you havent already got the fGW enabler for GWE I strongly recommend you install it. Gives you an extra 166 and FGW HST to use in addition (not instead of ) the GWR stock.

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Dave 6 months ago

Hi, really like the sound of this scenario. I have a couple of questions - where does the file need to go and, in game, does it come up as an extra scenario, or where else is it to be found?

Avatar of ROB S
ROB S 6 months ago

Hi Dave. Right to get this working.

  1. Assuming you have the add ons listed above.
  2. Download the file.
  3. Go into your documents-my games-TrainSimWorld2-saved-save games.
    If youve made scenarios with the planner. There you will see a list of files at the bottom starting with letters USD. ( They are created scenarios)
    Simply add my downloaded file to this folder.
    Start TSW 2 Go to Northern transpennine dlc - tools- scenario planner and you will see my scenario in there as if it was one of your creations.
    You can also edit it in game as if it was yours too.
    Hope this helps.
Avatar of Dave
Dave 6 months ago

Thanks Rob. I was looking in the Scenarios, not the Scenario Designer! What an excellent scenario it is! I love it. The 20's were impeccable, even getting down to 26mph on the 1 in 105 gradients trying to keep the amps in the green. Great to see passing trains too; and the points failure at Huddersfield caught me out! Went over the crossover a bit quick.
I won't be greedy, but please, more.



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Dave 6 months ago

Hi Rob, I've had a look at editing the scenario and putting an all stops class 101 in front of the 20's and that has worked well. I also swapped the 20s for 31s but that would not show up in game for some reason. I followed the format correctly I believe, but it wouldn't have it. So I deleted the entire service and started afresh with a 40 + vans. That appeared in game, but as a 47 and vans!
I have a question. How did you arrange for the 'points failure' at Huddersfield as I see no way of changing points?


Avatar of ROB S
ROB S 6 months ago

Hi Dave. The changing of points wasnt intended. Only noticed it on a playthrough, so added it to the narrative. It could be a quirk of the dispatcher or caused by an ai service Ive created in that area.

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