ICE 355 to Lübeck

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Hello driver,
Today you'll take the ICE 355 nonstop from Hamburg to Lübeck.
Your train is the 403 304, which is in a special Livery due to the CSD.
The line is very busy today, and you'll encounter a few adverse or even red signals. The entire trip will take around 55 mins.


TSW2, DLC Hauptstrecke München-Augsburg, Hamburg Lübeck, Main Spessart Bahn, Hauptstrecke Rhein Ruhr, BR 101, Ruhr Sieg Nord


Installation Instructions

copy/paste the extracted .sav file to Documents > MyGames > TrainSimWorld2 > Saved > SaveGames, or for the Epic version to Documents > MyGames > TrainSimWorld2EGL > Saved > SaveGames. The scenario should appear in the scenariodesigner on Hamburg Lübeck when installed correctly.

Additional Comments

You can find the Repaint for the ICE here: Link or n TSC when it is uploaded in the coming days

Also, here is an Letsplay (in German) of the scenario.


Tags: downlaod freeware hamburg-lubeck ice secanrio stw2 tsw


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Train Sim World 2
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Rush Hour Steam (UE4 4.26), Train Sim World 2 (UE4 4.23)