2021 YN3 and YN3u logos for Sandpatch Grade

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In the Fall of 2021, CSX silently started testing a new paint scheme as they started repainting and rebuilding a handful of locomotives. The new paint scheme, dubbed here as "2021 YN3" and "YN3u", are almost identical to the YN3 paint scheme that was applied on CSX locomotives since 2002 up until 2011, however with a few minor modifications. The new SD70AC and CM44AH rebuilds from Huntingdon and Fort Worth have the "2021 YN3" paint scheme. 1 AC4400CW has been repainted in the new "YN3u" logo, which is the same as the "2021 YN3" logo, but with CSX's website address being put under the X in the CSX logo, similar to the CN "URL" logo. As of the creation of this mod, it is unknown which logo CSX will end up using, so both have been replicated.

These decals are compatible and designed to be used with the Sandpatch Grade Enhancement Pack (https://mods.trainsimcommunity.com/mods/c3-train-sim-world-2/c19-patches/i1458-sandpatch-grade-enhancement-pack)

Additional Comments

YN3u = URL YN3 logo
2021 YN3 = Revised YN3 logo for 2021 w/o URL

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This is nice

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