Southeastern Highspeed - Fence Enhancement

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The original Soundbarriers from DTG are too high and at some places wrong. This patch fixes the height and replaces the Soundbarriers to a chainlink-fence at the right locations.
Thanks to TaskPlays for the help with this patch!

If somehow harm on soft-/hardware occur I will not assume any liability!

Feel free to leave criticism, suggestions and other feedback in the comments.
Hope you have fun with this patch!


Southeastern High Speed

Installation Instructions

  1. Go to the folder steam\steamapps\common\Train Sim World 2\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC
  2. Paste the choosen .pak-file in that folder

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Avatar of DenisJura
DenisJura 24 Aug 2021

Thanks : does this patck work with the new South Eastern High Speed Enhancement Pack 4.26 ? Merci...

Avatar of EiHowa
EiHowa 24 Aug 2021

it does, its found if you have the UE4.26 filter

Avatar of DenisJura
DenisJura 24 Aug 2021

Merci beaucoup ! thanks

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24 Aug 2021
24 Aug 2021
Train Sim World 2
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