Sherman Hill Texture Enhancement Pack

Replaces and enhances many of the textures on the Sherman Hill route to improve visuals and realism. Mostly focusing on scenery assets, more than 20 assets have been updated. Normalmap textures have also been changed where they were needed to improve visuals.

The changes include:

  • US licence plates for cars, vans, trucks and trailers
  • Removed european style markings from certain vehicles (e.g.: removed L sign from cement truck)
  • Added detail to certain vehicles (e.g.: CAT logo added onto excavator)
  • Real advertisement billboards that fit the area
  • US style street sidewalk
  • Corrected bridge ballast color
  • Text added onto trackside electrical box's warning label
  • Certain buildings overhauled to make them more colorful, realistic and fitting to the area (e.g: diner, gas station, small market building, small warehouse)
  • Union Pacific and Southern Pacific branding added to abandoned baggage cars near Cheyenne yard

Another addition is the replacement of the original ONE, Hamburg Süd and Hapag-Lloyd containers with Hub Group and K-Line (red and white) containers on husky stack cars.

Might work and further improve on the pack later on, but I felt like it's finally worth uploading. If anything new gets added or corrected in the future, the pack will get updated.
Change notes:

  • 2022.01.08 - First release


Train Sim World 2: Sherman Hill: Cheyenne - Laramie Route Add-On

Installation Instructions

Simply place the !SMH-Enhancement.pak file into your game's DLC folder

Tags: container scenery sherman-hill texture texture-upgrade us vehicle


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Avatar of Railroader
Railroader 4 months ago

Excellent work!

Avatar of Pro Gamer20
Pro Gamer20 4 months ago


Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 4 months ago

Good job !

Avatar of SmeagolOnDiscord
SmeagolOnDiscord 3 months ago

Would it be possible to remove the yucca trees around Sherman Summit and replace them with pine trees? Phenominal work!

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4 months ago
4 months ago
Train Sim World 2
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Rush Hour Steam (UE4 4.26), Rush Hour Epic Games (UE4 4.26)