Clinchfield Railroad Enhancement Pack v1.2

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This mod adds some logos that had to be ommited due to copyright to the locomotives on The Clinchfield Route. It adds in logos for Barco and EMD. Other small fixes include the changing of the brake gauges on the SD40 to be easier and more realistic to read, and making the throttle numbers on the F7's control stand glow yellow instead of red.

v1.1 Update:

  • Added external EMD builders plate
  • Added EMD builders plate to the control stand
  • Added Motorola logo to the cab radio


  • Added Motorola logo to the cab radio


  • Completely redid the railroad tie model to fix the incorrect tie plate, spike positions, and anchors

v1.2 Update

  • 4.26 Compatibility


  • Fixed the engineer camera being in the wrong position


Train Sim World 2: Clinchfield Railroad: Elkhorn - Dante Route Add-On

Tags: clinchfield emd f7 logos sd40


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Avatar of solicitr
solicitr 26 Apr 2021

Absolutely fantastic! Just as with the patch for SPG, this really ups the immersion. And your work is beautiful.

I haver another mission for you, should you choose to accept it: the proper F7 ammeter dial, as pictured on p,106 of the F7 manual

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Avatar of jimi01us
jimi01us 29 Jul 2021

Top Shelf Excellent. Thanks.

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Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 21 Jan 2022

Good job !

Avatar of deralica
deralica 4 Jun 2022

I'm having problems with this patch causing the game to crash in the Greengbriar branch scenario, about 700 yds from the Delano Stopping point. Removing the patch fixes it right away. Anyone has had the same ?

Avatar of meridian
meridian 17 Jun 2022

Yes i have the same. This must come from a DTG update probably. After isolating this mod it was running fine. I spawned around dante and had instant crash. Same for other Locations.

Well i really like this mod, so i hope ngc can bring an update / fix

Avatar of Poedem_Poezdato!
Poedem_Poezdato! 22 days ago

Does not work... I really liked the package, good job! But it doesn't work now. I'm really looking forward to the update!

Avatar of JLChauvin
JLChauvin 2 days ago

Don't works for me too. I have a crash each time I am trying to choose the SD40. :-(

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9 Apr 2021
2 Sep 2021
Train Sim World 2
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