HST Training Day Scenario

Welcome to Minehead on the West Somerset Railway. With the recent arrival of the GWR Castle Set, the railway's operations volunteers are undergoing training on the new units. With the interesting train out on the line today, there is an influx of visitors wanting to see the set running. You are up next to take the train out, but before that we will need to add an extra coach to the diesel train today and assist with the loco swap. We've got a bit of time so let's not rush the shunting.

This scenario was made as a test using the TSW 4 Editor and using various custom scenario objectives to showcase various tasks that need to be completed.

Known Issues

  • Scenario Screen does not list the player trains.
  • The player will need to stop outside Minehead at a red signal if the Class 09 Shunting is completed quickly.
  • Change switch instruction once the 47 is coupled does not show physical location of switches to change.


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Installation Instructions

Drag TS2Prototype-WindowsNoEditor-SJAM_WSR_HST_Training.pak to Train Sim World 4\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC

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johneebgood 7 days ago

Realy enjoyed this scenrio. well put together and no problems what so ever. 10/10

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