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Hello everyone,

today I would like to share the first version of my Offline Timetables for Train Sim World.
With the offline timetables you have the Service Mode Timetables of Train Sim World routes always on your device (or second monitor).

The offline timetables do not consist of PDF files, but are available in an easily accessible .HTML format. The only thing you need to view them is a software that can display .html files. This is usually an internet browser. The offline timetables consist of static files. Unfortunately, no dynamic search for specific train services can be integrated in this way, but a search is not impossible.

If you have downloaded the offline timetables, please also note the included ReadMe file, which contains further information on how to use the offline timetables.

Unfortunately not all Train Sim World routes and DLC's are included yet. Since I did not buy Train Sim World 4 at the moment, the routes of the "New Game" are also missing completely. But maybe the offline timetables are exactly the extension for Train Sim World you have been waiting for (especially when you still playing TSW2 or TSW3).

There are currently +17.400 files in the archive. I would first like to observe whether further work on the offline timetables is worthwhile, or whether you perhaps don't need them at all. For this reason I am curious about your feedback.

Due to the number of files and the static handling it is not possible to offer a separate download for each language.
For this reason, the German and English languages are used together in the offline timetables.

Train Sim World 4 routes are not included at the moment.

Have fun!

Update in v.1.03:

  • Icon next to rolling stock indicates whether it is included content, DLC or a layer
  • Travel time formatting in timetable detail revised (to hh:mm)
  • Rolling stock list added to timetable view (shows rolling stock that can drive this timetable)
  • Revised update page with selection of german or english language
  • Southeastern High Speed: Incorrect timetable times for train service 9P94 corrected
  • Rhein-Ruhr Osten: Incorrect timetable times for train service RB48 corrected
  • Northern Trans-Pennine: Incorrect timetable times for train service 11B corrected
  • London Underground Bakerloo Line: Incorrect timetable times for train service 201D-3 corrected
  • Boston Sprinter: Incorrect timetable times for train service 2175 corrected
  • Birmingham Cross - City Line: Incorrect timetable times for train service 2R75 corrected and Incorrect timetable times for train service 2P74 corrected
  • Bahnstrecke Bremen - Oldenburg: Incorrect timetable times for train service RB 14825 corrected
  • Niddertalbahn: Incorrect timetable times for train service RB 3688 corrected

Update in v.1.02:

  • Added icons of the game version based on the timetable data
  • Tab menu added to the main page
  • Missing timetable content removed from main page and integrated into subpage
  • Changed formatting of journey time duration in train service list
  • Bug fixing of link to rolling stock list from train service list
  • Extra page for update information added
  • Numerous incorrect links to train services corrected

Installation Instructions

There is not much to consider. You only have to make sure that you copy the folder "tsw_offline" and do not change it.
Much more information can be found in the included readme document.

Tags: html local offline timetables

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Avatar of pixisimp
pixisimp 17 Oct 2023

Fantastic addition to the game. Good job👍

Avatar of Der Uni
Der Uni 18 Oct 2023

Thank you for your Feedback! ;)

Avatar of Rick Mota
Rick Mota 17 Oct 2023

Man thats a good work but you dont have the HorseShoe Curve route timetable. Do you think you can add this route also? Thanks!

Avatar of Der Uni
Der Uni 18 Oct 2023

Thank You! I dont have Horseshore Curve at the moment. I'll see if there's a good deal on the next Steam sale. Then I'll buy it and add it. I have to admit, though, that freight-only routes are rather difficult to create a timetable for. For this reason, I prefer passenger routes. This also makes it easier to work with.

Avatar of Rick Mota
Rick Mota 19 Oct 2023

Oh ok. Dont worrie about that. Again nice work! Thanks

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