Train Announcements - All German Routes - by Tokio_V2.0

  • by Mor and Tokio
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This is the TRAIN ANNOUNCEMENT - All German Routes - package by Tokio. And exclusive: all Austrian Routes. ;)
Special thanks to Profile picture of Mor Mor

Announcements included:

  • Bremen - Oldenburg NEW
  • Dresden - Riesa
  • Hamburg - Lübeck
  • HRR Hauptstrecke Rhein Ruhr (RE, RB and S-Bahn in german, IC Services in german and english)
  • Left-Rhine-Line
  • Maintalbahn
  • Main-Spessart-Bahn
  • München - Augsburg
  • Niddertalbahn
  • Rapid Transit - new update! NEW
  • Rhein-Ruhr Osten: Wuppertal - Hagen
  • Ruhr-Sieg-Nord
  • Salzburg - Rosenheim
  • Semmeringbahn NEW
  • SFS Kassel - Würzburg
  • S-Bahn Vorarlberg

One Click Installation!

This package is unique (and very large) - the idea was to make installation even easier for everyone.
All you need is Soundpad (paid full version: Steam, totally worth it).
Just download the ZIP file and extract the folder to a folder on your hard disk.
Open Soundpad. Then start the file #Train_Announcements_Tokio_VX.X.spl

Done! Now you can select the route and the service in Soundpad.

In Soundpad settings, select a hotkey for "play next file," e.g., Num-8.
Now you can easily play the sounds one after another with your hotkey. Read our Hotkey Tutorial down below.

We have added a second download.
In this one, the individual files are organized and structured in folders.
This download is for those who want to customize the list in Soundpad according to their own preferences.
You only need one of the two downloads.

The voices have a natural and stunning quality, and the texts have been updated to ensure a uniform and recognizable announcement for future announcement packages. I also updated some effects.
TSW will be more realistic and varied.

These announcements will be updated in the future and new announcements will be added.
My announcements will only be updated and supplemented here in order to have everything centralized and simple on one page.

The announcements are now (and in the future) always arranged as follows:

  • An announcement when leaving the station (a short greeting).
  • An announcement before the next station (with informations! These announcements can be up to 2 minutes long at large stations, so play them in good time).
  • There are some optional special announcements with hotkeys. You can change the hotkey if you want to.

For door direction and special announcements we recommend this tutorial:
In Soundpad settings:

  • Set hotkey for "Select next file".
  • Set hotkey for "Play selected file".
  • Set hotkeys for the door announcements (or other special announecments).

In Game:

  • Play the first station greeting.
  • Then use "Select next file" - hotkey.
  • Use „Play selected file“ Hotkey for next stop announcement.
  • Use „Select next file“ – Hotkey
  • Then use your Hotkey for door announcement.
  • Leaving the station "Play selected sound" hotkey for the next greeting announcement.
  • Then the process starts from the beginning…

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write them in the comments. :)

Check out my GB-Routes Announcements:

The idea of using soundpad for the announcements was not my idea. But we have perfected it and thought it through.
I'm not claiming anything here. Manny inspired me with his sound-mods. Check out his work!
I created the files myself, invented the text (credits to Mor) and edited the audio.
Anyone who wants to use the announcements is welcome.
The announcements were created and generated by me and Mor and are only subject to our copyright.
You are welcome to use the announcements privately, but also in streams or YouTube videos.
We would be happy if you mentioned it.


  • 25.02.2024 - release Train Announcements: Germany
  • 27.02.2024 - added Salzburg - Rosenheim (IC Services will be added later); added Ruhr-Sieg-Nord; updated Text and Installation instructions.
  • 02.03.2024 - added Hamburg - Lübeck; added IC Services for Salzburg - Rosenheim; added second download: structured folders for individual soundpad-lists.
  • 08.03.2024 - added HRR Hauptstrecke Rhein Ruhr
  • 14.03.2024 - added Dresden - Riesa; added Munich - Augsburg, some small bugfixes on Rapid Transit and Salzburg - Rosenheim
  • 03.04.2024 - added Bremen - Oldenburg; added Rhein-Ruhr Osten; added readme_by Mor -> Hotkey instructions.
  • 13.04.2024 - added Semmeringbahn, updated Rapid Transit, updated description


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package with sorted sounds to add in own sound lists.

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 709 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of Emeraldzebra
Emeraldzebra 26 Feb 2024

What program do you use to create these sounds? I want to try making some more of my own custom ones

Avatar of Tokio
Tokio 26 Feb 2024

Most of the time i am working with ableton. It‘s a professional DAW.

Avatar of eddymrelderscrolls
eddymrelderscrolls 28 Feb 2024

Hi Could you sort the announcements by folder ? It would be easier when downloading this AIO package

Avatar of Quentin J.
Quentin J. 28 Feb 2024

I second that, it's a very nice package but I have my own sound list already set up and I don't want to lose it. It'd be great to have them sorted by folder.

Avatar of Tokio
Tokio 28 Feb 2024

Thanks for the Feedback. I will check this, if it’s possible in the soundpad export. But you can switch between your own soundpad list and this one.

Avatar of Mor
Mor 28 Feb 2024

@Quentin J. @eddymrelderscrolls could you tell me exactly what you need/want to do? That would really help me finding a solution since your original question was a bit unclear to me. Thank you

Avatar of eddymrelderscrolls
eddymrelderscrolls 28 Feb 2024

Thanks dude; sure, It would be nice to have announcements packed by routes

Avatar of Quentin J.
Quentin J. 28 Feb 2024

What I meant is keeping the package as an All in One, but having the sound announcements sorted by route folders and possibly services. This would make it easier, but that would double if not more the file size. I've saved my Sound List and will be using yours for your announcements. Thanks for your reply though!

Avatar of Mor
Mor 29 Feb 2024

Thanks you for your answers! We are working on a solution for that.(We found a new possibility, but just have to test it)

Avatar of Mor
Mor 1 Mar 2024

Hello. Unfortunately, our original plan (that I had in mind when I wrote my answer two days ago) doesn't work, because you can't relink files in Soundpad. We will probably upload a second file which is just a zip with all anouncements sorted in folders.

Avatar of yoyoyoyo1987
yoyoyoyo1987 28 Feb 2024

Hi, thanks for the work you have done, this makes the game a lot more fun. Do you plan to provide the announcements for all (german) routes? Especially for HRR

Avatar of Mor
Mor 28 Feb 2024

Hi! Thanks for your feedback! There will be more routes (in the next days/weeks). HRR is definitely comming, but I can't tell you when.

Avatar of yoyoyoyo1987
yoyoyoyo1987 9 Mar 2024

Great, thank you for publishing the announcements for the HRR. Very good work

Avatar of Tokio
Tokio 9 Mar 2024

HRR is online now.

Avatar of scip
scip 29 Feb 2024

incredible good thx mate !!!

Avatar of Tokio
Tokio 29 Feb 2024

Thank you :)

Avatar of FreezeLP
FreezeLP 2 Mar 2024

Warum kommt da ein Bahnsteigsgong???!!!!

Avatar of Tokio
Tokio 2 Mar 2024

because it's fictional.

Avatar of Mor
Mor 3 Mar 2024

FreezeLP there are hundreds of different gong sounds in different trains, depending on the producer of the train and the railway company, sometimes there is also no gong. But to have the same for every mod, we had to choose one. It would be too much work to use different gongs for each package and no gong would also sound a bit boring.

Avatar of Xander1986
Xander1986 2 Mar 2024

sorry this is not the best mod... i dind't like the English voices... its not realistic at all... and the platform gong is bizar .... 4 upvotes says enough saidly enough ....

Avatar of Tokio
Tokio 2 Mar 2024

Then don‘t use it. :) it is so simple. Or create your own mod. It is fictional to get some more fun and depth to the game.

Avatar of Xander1986
Xander1986 2 Mar 2024

Better you listening to the users... If you compare it with the downloads the upvotes are not in line.... But do what you want and create more of this kind of useless mods.....

Avatar of Mor
Mor 3 Mar 2024

Man why are you hating people? Nobody forces you to use these mods so stop wrighting such a trsh. If you don't like the announcements just leave this page. There are enough people who like them and are happy about it. It isn't something you paid for or that you have a right on, it is a bonus to the usual experience. So just go crying and leave us alone, thank you.

Avatar of Mor
Mor 3 Mar 2024

oh and btw: you "lied" when you said we got little upvotes for that amount of downloads, watch other mods and with some math you will see that there are mods with more downloads and less upvotes, so please don't just write something but check if you are correct with your "critics"

Avatar of Alex
Alex 3 Mar 2024

Just drop the discussion and move on, please.

Avatar of Quentin J.
Quentin J. 3 Mar 2024

Thanks for adding the folders!! Great mod!

Avatar of Tokio
Tokio 3 Mar 2024

Thank you! You are welcome!

Avatar of oriental_red
oriental_red 11 Mar 2024

Normally I'm just a silent reader and user, but now I just have to give a shout out! Thank you for the announcements, they make TSW so much better. Using it with the soundpad (costs a few euros) is easy and great.

Avatar of Tokio
Tokio 11 Mar 2024

Thank you! :) have fun with the announcements.

Avatar of Smokey
Smokey 11 Mar 2024

Muhlheim Hbf is missing, but nice work! Thanks!

Avatar of Tokio
Tokio 11 Mar 2024

hm... which timetable on HRR?

Avatar of Smokey
Smokey 12 Mar 2024


Avatar of Mor
Mor 12 Mar 2024

Thanks for your feedback Smokey. But I am a bit confused about the missing announcement: The RE 2 Duisburg-Essen and Essen- Duisburg only stops at Mühlheim HBF, this announcement is existing. Or is it maybe a different layer (other RE train)?

Avatar of Smokey
Smokey 14 Mar 2024

Oh, I will try it!

Avatar of Smokey
Smokey 14 Mar 2024

It is trying to search in your system files T:\Dokumente\Soundpad...

Avatar of Tokio
Tokio 14 Mar 2024

well this will not work. Just download the new version. It should be there.

Is it possible that you accidentally deleted the file in Soundpad?

Avatar of Ed Amcore
Ed Amcore 14 Mar 2024

Really great work! Raises the immersion to a great level. I use it for every passenger service.
One detail for the RailJet: In Austria we don't say "lecker", we say "köstlich".

Avatar of Tokio
Tokio 14 Mar 2024

Thank you!

Avatar of DenisJura
DenisJura 16 Mar 2024

Hello : Thanks ! Great Package ! Works very good

Avatar of Tokio
Tokio 16 Mar 2024

Thank you, Denis!

Avatar of DenisJura
DenisJura 14 days ago

Hey, Thanks a lot for the version 1.8 : Great !

Avatar of Mor
Mor 14 days ago

Thank you

Avatar of Martijn189nl
Martijn189nl 13 days ago

I also wanted to say Thank You for creating and sharing this package (and ofcourse now the 1.8 update), keep up the good work!

Avatar of Mor
Mor 11 days ago

Thank you!

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