Royal Gorge F7 A/B | SD40 | Passenger Coaches

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Royal Gorge F7A/F7B | SD40 | Passenger Coaches

The Royal Gorge Route Railroad operates trains year-round through the Royal Gorge from Cañon City, Colorado to the western terminus in Parkdale, Colorado. The train is a destination attraction that carries passengers under the Royal Gorge suspension bridge.


Train Sim World 2 & 3: Clinchfield Railroad: Elkhorn - Dante Route Add-On.

Train Sim World 2 & 3: Northeast Corridor: Boston - Providence Route Add-On.

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Updated F7 A/B Units liveries coming soon.

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RF_CRR_F7A;Royal Gorge.tsw2liv 206 KB · Downloaded 263× RF_CRR_F7B;Royal Gorge.tsw2liv 153 KB · Downloaded 245× Royal Gorge Coach for RF_BPE_MBTA_BTC.tsw3 178 KB · Downloaded 23× Royal Gorge for RF_CRR_F7A.tsw3 1 MB · Downloaded 30× Royal Gorge for RF_CRR_F7B.tsw3 962 KB · Downloaded 25× Royal Gorge for RF_CRR_SD40.tsw3 1 MB · Downloaded 29×


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roak 5 Jan 2023

Thank you for these! For installing to TSW3, do we follow the same install as we would for TSW2? I only ask because the file type wont allow it using the TSW2 Livery Manager but I very well could be missing something in that.

Avatar of CaptnD1c
CaptnD1c 5 Jan 2023

Hello!, how you doing? Yes, the installation proccess is the same, I recommend you installing the newest version of the livery Manager, which can be found on the next link:

Avatar of roak
roak 5 Jan 2023

Thank you and happy new year!! I had an old link.

Avatar of CaptnD1c
CaptnD1c 5 Jan 2023

You aswell! If you have any issues, let me know! :)

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