Just a six pack of different numbered TBOX plug style boxcars for the Sherman Hill addon.

A couple have a slightly different shade of yellow just to add a little flair haha.

They are right at the 300 shape limit, or else I would have done some graffiti or weathering but until someone mods the actual boxcar skin in game this is about all that can be done

If you edit and reupload add me in the Contributors section


Sherman Hill DLC
Livery Manager https://github.com/RagingLightning/TSW2-Livery-Manager/
Livery Editor Logo Pack 1.3 http://www.trainsim.cz/stahuj//33/0_10/TSW2-LiveryEditorLogoPack1.3_426.zip

If you are playing on an AMD machine and the textures look corrupted, this is due to the way AMD drivers handle DX11 graphics

Use this link to download a patch to fix them

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TBOX v1.zip 48 KB · Added 26 Nov 2021 · Downloaded 180×


Avatar of WaveyDavey
WaveyDavey 26 Nov 2021

Why not use the layer limit mod so as to add your grafitti? It's only needed by the creator and not by anyone downloading and using the items on their own systems.

Avatar of AndrewBeeman
AndrewBeeman 27 Nov 2021

Because I honestly forgot about that mod, thanks for the tip!

Avatar of WaveyDavey
WaveyDavey 27 Nov 2021

No worries. I’ve used it a couple times with some of my liveries on here.

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26 Nov 2021
26 Nov 2021
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