GO Transit Bi-Level Coach Liveries Pack V1.0

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GO Transit Bi-Level Coach Liveries Pack Version 1.0 created by Max88183. This pack contains multiple variations of the GO Transit Bi-Level coaches in the new and old liveries. For all other platforms, unbranded "Toronto Commuter" Bi-Level Coaches can be found at my Creators Club page.

New Livery Coaches:

2414 - 2 Bikes only door decals
2415 - No door decals
2556 - Accessibility Coach

Old Livery Coaches:

2410 - No Bikes door decals
2411 - No door or roof decals (Original Livery)
2542 - Accessibility Coach


Installation Instructions

TSW 2 Reskins installation guide by Steven Jam:


Additional Comments

NOTE: The screenshots are taken in the livery designer and Canadian National Oakville Subdivision: Hamilton - Oakville (OSD) Route Add-On using a custom scenario.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Anyone that reuploads any of the liveries from this pack without permission to the TSC modding website will be reported to the TSC moderation team.

Tags: accessibility accessible bi-level bombardier coaches go go-train go-transit new-livery old-livery passenger rolling-stock tsw-na-passenger-rollingstock


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24 Feb 2022
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