BR 423 Spokane Regional Rail (S-Bahn)

In an alternate universe where American Transit doesn't suck, the Spokane Valley Transit Authority orders a fleet of Class 423's to replace the aging Silverliner 1's.
These new, sleek trains would wear the livery of the Spokane Transit Authority, operated under contract by DB International, with its infrastructure partners Union Pacifc and BNSF


TSW2 Livery Manager logo pack
Task Play's Character Expansion mod

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Install using RagingLightning's Livery Manager

OPTIONAL: Use UUU and paste the folowing into the console once seated in the driver's seat of the train:
SET BP_MAG_DB_BR423_DestinationDisplayController_C DestinationList ("Not In Service","S1 Coeur d'Alene","S1 Expo Center","S1 Spokane Central","S1 Post Falls","S1 SV Transit Cent.","S1 Airport !","S2 Rathdrum","S2 Medical Lake","S2 Airport !","S2 Hauser","S3 Cheney","S3 Spokane Central","S3 Deer Park","S3 Airport !","S4 Colbert","S4 Spokane Central","S4 Expo Center","S4 Airport !","S4 Chester","S6 Post Falls","S6 Hauser","Spokane Central","Airport !","Expo Center","University","Theater Dist.","Airway Heights","Special","S2 Post Falls","S2 Coeur d'Alene","S2 Spokane Central","None")

This command is also contained in the attached text file

Tags: 423 bnsf br423 db-br-423 spokane union-pacific


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