"805003" - Avanti West Coast

The SEHS class 395, masquerading as an IET unit, carrying Avanti West Coast colours.

I started this reskin, before DTG announced their LNER IET set, but decided to release it, anyway, for the benefit of those who aren't planning to buy TSW4.

I had been planning to produce an AWC class 805 reskin, based on the ECML IET model, but I've seen a Creators Club reskin that is way better than the one I was planning and so I recommend subscribing and downloading their version instead...



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Tags: avanti-west-coast class-395 electric-multiple-unit emu iet mainline passenger south-eastern-high-speed west-coast-mainline


805003 - Avanti WC for RF_SEH_SE_Class395.tsw3 10 MB · Added 26 Aug 2023 · Downloaded 164×


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26 Aug 2023
29 Sept 2023
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