2+8 Car HST - Black/Blue & Grey Livery

Initially, British Rail planned to give their then brand new HST fleet it's own variation of the Blue/Grey livery and 43002 was painted into a version of the livery the type became famous for, but with a black band forward of the radiators. In the event, BR management changed their minds and "flying banana" livery was born, instead. But "What If..." BR had decided to use the modified version of the Blue/Grey livery..?

Obviously, this reskin isn't perfect; the secondary door mods were a mere twinkle in their designer's eyes, the TGS vehicles followed later on (after complaints about the Guard's section of the Power Cars) and the Buffet car is the wrong type for a Western Region set and the wrong way round, but I've tried to incorporate as many features of those early sets, along with the unused PC livery design, as possible. The early ones never carried the "Inter-City 125" legend on the mk3s, for example!


GitHub - RagingLightning/TSW3-LM

TSW 3 Livery Manager (Also works with TSW 4)


Livery Editor Logo Pack

Tags: british-rail class-253 diesel high-speed-train hst inter-city mainline passenger tsw-4


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