MÁV 101 + Hungarian Intercity 2G Couches

This is my First ever livery that looks "a bit" normal.

I worked on this livery 3 Hours.
Download if want! :)
(Note: you can modify this livery cuz i messed up the bpmmz couches, with that yellow line, what means its first class, even if it is second class...)


Required Payware: BR-101 add-on
Required Freeware: RagingLightning/TSW2-Livery-Manager

Installation Instructions

For installation, check this video by DONKEY

Tags: 101 avmmz bpmmz br-101 br101 mav


NRM_DB_BR101_RF;101 MAV TRAKCIO.tsw2liv 62 KB · Added 27 Oct 2021 · Downloaded 436× RF_NRM_DB_BR101_Avmmz;MAV2G1.tsw2liv 35 KB · Added 27 Oct 2021 · Downloaded 398× RF_NRM_DB_BR101_Bpmmz;MAV2G2.tsw2liv 27 KB · Added 27 Oct 2021 · Downloaded 383×


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