AVE Renfe 103 (for ICE 3M)

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This repaint is based on the spanish high-speed AVE 103 series' livery. Use TSW2 Livery Manager to install it.

Este repintado está basado en la decoración de la serie AVE 103 Renfe. Usar TSW2 Livery Manager para instalarlo.



TSW2 Livery Manager:
Download here

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RF_KAH_DB_ICE3M;Renfe 103.tsw2liv 1 MB · Added 28 Nov 2020 · Downloaded 1,464×


Avatar of Ruiassuncao94
Ruiassuncao94 22 Dec 2020

How i can install the repaint on TSW2 Playstation 4 version ?

Avatar of The72
The72 22 Dec 2020

@Ruiassuncao94 mods can't be installed on consoles. All the mods here are for PC version only.

Avatar of The72
The72 22 Dec 2020


Avatar of varela1010
varela1010 2 May 2021

muy bueno

Avatar of MBTA 1109
MBTA 1109 23 Nov 2021

I'd like to see AVE S-100, AVE S-102, AVE S-103 & Talgo Avril in Train Sim 2022

Avatar of DarwinZol
DarwinZol 14 Mar 2022

This is AVEsome!

Avatar of fiferoloko_63590
fiferoloko_63590 3 Jan 2024

Como se instala

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28 Nov 2020
23 Mar 2021
Train Sim World
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Train Sim World 2 before Rush Hour update (UE4 4.23), Train Sim World 2: Steam version (UE4 4.26), Train Sim World 2: Epic Games Store version (UE4 4.26)