HLE 28 NMBS Traxx (Br 185.5 livery)

The Alphatrain livery whit the NMBS numbering of the HLE 28.
Base design and full credit to FightingDutchman
He made my base where i just added the nummering.


  1. Download the .tsw2liv file
  2. Put the file in your TSW2 Livery Manager Exports folder
  3. Open TSW2 Livery Manager, click on the livery in the list and press import
  4. Enjoy!


Installation Instructions

Additional Comments

Do not re-post my livery, or a modified version of my livery, anywhere else without my permission.
I am not responsible if your game breaks due to using this livery.

Tags: br186 hle28 nmbs


RF_MRCE_BR185-5;HLE 28 NMBS.tsw2liv 88 KB · Added 22 Jan 2022 · Downloaded 296×


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