SNCF InOui TGV 4712 "Stonewall. 50 years of LGBT Pride" special livery

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A livery made using Livery Designer represeting SNCF InOui TGV n. 4712 with the special livery in honour of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, where the LGBT fought back agains a police raid in 1969 at Stonewall Inn (New York, USA).

This in an attempt to reproduce as closely as possible the real livery, because this is done on MS Store, I had no way to go beyond the 300 layer limit, so some semplifications and ommisions are sadly in place. This wrap wasn't always applied 100% correctly IRL, and there was a slight variations in the sources I found about this livery in the real world, so my attempt is more of a combinations between the slightly different sources available, so you might notice small inaccuracies if you look closely.


RagingLightning - Overview

Needed to get the SNCF logos to show (there are only 3 on each power car)

Vlakové simulátory (

From here you can download the TSW2 and TSW3 livery manager, needed for this to work.

Installation Instructions

Attached are the tsw2liv and .tsw3 files, I think in theory both should work in TSW3, but I am providing both files. Big thank you to Discord User Xelion#8888 for the TSW3 version and for testing that the livery works!

Additional Comments

The real livery was applied to a TGV 2n2, not exaclty a TGV 200, so the PIS on the coaches is inaccurate for the represented train, the doors are also not the best they could be due to the compression of the livery when in-game, I promise they looked better on the editor, but I hope they can still feel authentic.

Livery manager needed to install this livery. All the logos apart the SNCF one are scratch made, but the main writing on the side of power car, the "TGV" and "BAR" writing were done using the default livery designer font, on the power cars due to lack of layers, in other cases due to the lucky similarity with the real writing. Numbers for 1st and 2nd class are also scratch made, but the only good thing I can say about those is that they look better than what the stock number would have looked... they are far from perfect or accurate. Sorry.

This livery uses the SNCF logo part of the "Livery Editor Logo Pack" available here: made by Muff. If you don't have that installed those logos will be missing from the livery.

Known Inaccuracies:
-There is a visible white triangle in the yellow part of the rainbow. Sadly this is due to how they livery was built, I made my best effort to hide it as much as I can
-Lack of train number (4712) on the power cars. Not enough layers.
-Doors don't look great. Don't think there is too much I can do about that
-Technically the wrong train, PIS is slightly different, doesn't interfere with the livery in a meaningful way.
-There are no technical symbols or writing (e.g. registration numbers) - no layers on the power cars, I personally felt it didn't add enough to justify the large amount of time needed on the coaches.

The main point of this livery is to look good enough to not feel out of place, and to not make you immediately think of "Livery Designer" every time you see one around, or indeed drive it yourself, to achieve this the colours are as close to the DTG TGV as I could get them, and everything is placed as realistically as possible, details such as the gradient from purple to red on the longitudinal stripe were created, so were for example the painted grills on coaches n.1 and 8. Only you can judge if I was successful. Enjoy!

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