RABE 523 MÁV RED Livery

The Red livery the Hungarian State Railways or beter known as Magyar Állam Vasutak (Máv) uses on the RABE 521. These liveries were originally made for the RABE 521 but since that's not in the game it was made for the 523 instead. Some minor details are still visible from the original train model as it can't be removed or painted on so this is the closest it'll get to the real thing.

Installation Instructions

Use Livery Manager just like for every other reskin

Tags: covered-hopper flirt hungarian hungarian-state-railways hungary magyar-allam-vasutak mav sbb-cff-ffs stadler


RABE 523 MÁV RED for RABE 523.tsw3 137 KB · Added 28 Feb 2023 · Downloaded 215×


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28 Feb 2023
28 Feb 2023
Train Sim World
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Train Sim World compatibility
Train Sim World 2 before Rush Hour update (UE4 4.23), Train Sim World 2: Steam version (UE4 4.26), Train Sim World 2: Epic Games Store version (UE4 4.26), Train Sim World 3
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