IC 2 livery pack for DRA rolling stock

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This is a pack including IC 2 liveries for the Dosto Cab car and passenger cars, the BR 146.2, the BR 143 and the BR 442 Talent 2. You can download them individually and import them with the Livery Manager.


Logo Pack 1.3 by Muff ( http://www.trainsim.cz/?mod=article&showid=2488&query=)
Livery Manager (https://github.com/RagingLightning/TSW2-Livery-Manager/releases/tag/v0.4.0)
Train Sim World 2
Train Sim World 2: Nahverkehr Dresden

Installation Instructions

First, download the Logo Pack and put the .pak-file into the DLC-folder of the game. Then, download the livery manager if not already done and import the liveries through it.

Tags: br-143 br-146 db-br-442-talent-2 db-br-7662 dra ic-2


RF_DRA_DB_766;IC 2.tsw2liv 10 KB · Added 12 Sept 2021 · Downloaded 500× RF_DRA_DB_780;IC 2.tsw2liv 8 KB · Added 12 Sept 2021 · Downloaded 466× RF_DRA_DB_785;IC 2.tsw2liv 8 KB · Added 12 Sept 2021 · Downloaded 476× RF_DRA_DB_BR143;IC 2.tsw2liv 9 KB · Added 12 Sept 2021 · Downloaded 436× RF_DRA_DB_BR146-2;IC 2#1.tsw2liv 30 KB · Added 5 Feb 2022 · Downloaded 283× RF_DRA_DB_BR442;IC 2.tsw2liv 24 KB · Added 12 Sept 2021 · Downloaded 435×

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Avatar of Beno Ben
Beno Ben 1 Oct 2021

my game Crash everytime i try one of the IC 2 reskins.
Idont know why but can you help my?

Avatar of Beno Ben
Beno Ben 1 Oct 2021

My Discord: Beno Ben#0978
I hope you can help me.

Avatar of Sebsys
Sebsys 1 Oct 2021

Did you install the actual version of the Logo Pack by Muff?

Avatar of daya
daya 1 Nov 2021

This is actually my problem too. It always crashes and i intalled the latest version of Logo Pack.

Avatar of Sebsys
Sebsys 2 Nov 2021

Question here: Do you have Direct X 12 active? Because deactivating might help with that.

Avatar of NoZen
NoZen 22 Jul 2023

Pls make it for TsW3

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12 Sept 2021
5 Feb 2022
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