SR Class 09/08 - Cedric Wares

Southern Railway Class 09 Reskin for the Train Sim World 2 Class 08 Shunter.
Number: 09026. Named: Cedric Wares. Build in 1962 in Norwich. 09026 Cedric Wares a resident shunter at Lovers Walk Depot at Brighton, usually shunting previous slam door coaching stock, failed units and finally laying de-icer on the 3rd rail within the depot up until 2016, when it then moved into preservation at the Spa Valley Railway at Tunbridge Wells West in Kent (Currently Under Overhaul).

Currently the Class 09 is not available within the TSW2 Livery Editor, so this has been created for use on the Class 08. I may redo it for the 09 if there is interest for it when available in the LE. I deciced to do this when seeing pre-lease promotional material for the London Commuter Route, However, after completion discovered the Class 09 on the route will only appear as static scenary but nevermind! :)


Train Sim World 2
TSW2 Livery Manager

And one or all of the following:
Great Western Express Route & Diesel Legends DLC Pack for GWE
Northern Trans-Pennine
Tees Valley Line
West Somerset Railway

Installation Instructions

Import the .tsw2liv file using the TSW2 Livery Manager

Additional Comments

This loco utilised my Black 08 as its starting point which itself began using the First Class 08 Livery by Ant Craft as a base:
Full credit and many thanks to Ant Craft for use of his reskin and the opportunity to share another interesting and unique locomotive! Permission was gained before using his reskin as my starting point. Check out his other liveries at

Therefore, based on others work, please do not alter or share this livery without first seeking consent.


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24 Sept 2021
24 Sept 2021
Train Sim World
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