Class 08 Provincial (Weathered & Clean)

Class 08 in BR 1980s Provincial livery. Both clean and weathered versions have been provided.


Northern Transpennine, BR Heavy Freight Pack
RagingLightning´s TSW 2 Livery Manager
TSW 2 Logo Pack
TSW Mastery Unlocker

Installation Instructions

Install using RagingLightning´s TSW 2 Livery Manager. For the clean version of the livery, install "RF_LMC_BR_Class08;BR Provincial (Clean).tsw2liv". For the weathered version, install "RF_LMC_BR_Class08;BR Provincial (W).tsw2liv".

Additional Comments

Big thanks to ROB S for allowing me to use his class 08 wasp stripe pattern for this reskin, as well as for the advice whilst I created the reskin.

Tags: 08 british british-rail gronk provincial


RF_LMC_BR_Class08;BR Provincial (Clean).tsw2liv 106 KB · Added 13 Nov 2021 · Downloaded 237× RF_LMC_BR_Class08;BR Provincial (W).tsw2liv 121 KB · Added 13 Nov 2021 · Downloaded 246×


Avatar of Boa
Boa 6 Feb 2023

It's hard to tell its painted at all when weathered, I love it!

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