Trial London Underground Corporate 1972 Stock

The early trial version of what later went onto become the London Underground corporate livery. Some of this is theoretical, as I only had a few seconds of video footage to work from and the unit wasn't very clean! Of note are the logos and the depth of the blue band.


TSW2 Livery Manager or TSW3 Livery Manager

Tags: 1972-stock electric emu london london-transport london-underground multiple-unit passenger the-tube


RF_BKR_LUL_72stock;Trial LU corporate 72.tsw2liv 105 KB · Added 25 Nov 2022 · Downloaded 158×


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Boa 19 Dec 2022

Hey, I was wondering, do you have a link to the video? It sounds cool, even if it is only a few seconds of footage.

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25 Nov 2022
25 Nov 2022
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