P874 Blue & Grey/Regional Railways TSL

By the early-90s, Regional Railways Scotrail's fleet of Haymarket based class 101s were starting to get rather "ropey" and required a lot of reformations to enable Scotrail to maintain a proper service on the Fife Circle. This also involved taking redundant stock in from other Regional Railways divisions and one of those sets was P874. This reskin repicts the set during the period when it was formed up with a Regional Railways TSL; made redundant, when Scotrail's quartet of refurbished class 101s were reformed into 2 car sets for use in the Strathclyde region.


TSW2 Livery Manager or TSW3 Livery Manager

Tags: class-101 diesel dmu mainline multiple-unit passenger regional-railways scotland scotrail scottish


RF_DSN_BR_Class101_3Car;P874 BG-RR Cl 101.tsw2liv 310 KB · Added 4 Dec 2022 · Downloaded 138×


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4 Dec 2022
4 Dec 2022
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