313002 Early Network SouthEast/Small Black Windscreens

313002 in the (much disliked) early Network SouthEast variant, with just the windscreen surrounds painted black. Note that, as the model is the East Coastway one, there's no pantograph or no roller blinds and the interior is the one added to the sets under Southern management.


TSW3 Livery Manager

Tags: class-313 electric emu euston-watford london mainline multiple-unit network-southeast north-london nse passenger


313002 - Early NSE-YF for RF_ECW_SN_Class313.tsw3 2 MB · Added 11 Dec 2022 · Downloaded 214×


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11 Dec 2022
11 Dec 2022
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East Coastway: Brighton - Eastbourne & Seaford
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Class 313 Reskins
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