47703 - Parcels Red/Grey

At sectorisation, BR created Intercity, Departmental, Railfreight (later Trainload Freight), London & South Eastern, Provincial and Parcels. To distinguish itself from the other sectors, Parcels adopted a livery, similar to that of Railfreight/Trainload Freight, but decided to adapt it to recognise their biggest customer; the Royal Mail. Parcels sector Red/Grey was the result.

The class 47/7s were converted for use on the Edinburgh-Glasgow expresses, but when DMUs were introduced to that line, most of the "Shove Duff" fleet found a new home at Network SouthEast. However, a few ended up in the Parcel sector and received their house colours. Ironically, most of the Parcels ones ended up being hired to Network SouthEast, to bolster their class 47 fleet; their liveries being modified to reflect this!

Here, the livery is adorning 47703, which also gained "The Queen Mother" nameplates, previously carried by 47541; until the latter's withdrawal.


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